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Illinois Stars Basketball Academy

About IBA

Get to know us

IBA offers competitive basketball teams and instruction for boys and girls K-12th grade. We also offer training for college and pro players.

We pride ourselves on providing a premier program that your youth can develop and flourish in. IBA features four regulation size high school courts.

The goal of each team is to provide a positive environment where each player will receive expert instruction and enjoy the game of basketball.

Skills and Fundamentals


  • Dribbling drills from basic to advanced

  • Set play and fast break dribbling styles

  • Changing direction and speed

  • Spacing from the defender


  • Body positioning and boxing out

  • Anticipation and timing

  • Second chance balls

  • When to put it back up, dribble out or outlet pass


  • Seeing the court

  • Developing anticipation

  • Understanding passing types and when to use them

  • Bounce, overhead, chest, push, off-dribble and others

  • Movement and communication between players


  • Understanding one and one and zone defenses

  • Body position, footwork, and spacing

  • Rotating and teammate communication

  • Reading dribbling and closing out


  • Shooting drills to help muscle memory and consistency

  • Proper positioning techniques for squaring up to the basket

  • Form and balance training, including understanding the importance of grip, the role of back and knees, release, ball rotation

  • Understanding and strengthening skills for different types of shots

  • Jump shots, layups, free throws, using the backboard and more

High School Basketball Game


  • To maximize a child’s potential to achieve success in life.

  • To impart important values that can be learned through involvement in sports activities.

  • To develop and improve discipline, work ethic, leadership, and teamwork.

  • To create an atmosphere in which children can express themselves comfortably.

  • To encourage children to perform at their optimal ability.

  • To promote sportsmanship, self-evaluation, and humility. To reinforce the importance of academic excellence.

  • To make tutorial sessions available to children who struggle academically.

  • To elevate children’s minds while promoting fitness and athleticism. To build self-esteem and character.

  • Programs are based on the following principle:

  • The goal of IBA is to provide a positive and educational environment with the goal of helping each player to become skilled in the fundamentals, be a part of a competitive team, and have fun playing the game of basketball.


Illinois Basketball Academy has locations all over the central northern (chicagoland) area of Illinois.

We are headquartered in the southwest Chciagoland suburb of Aurora, IL. but also have assist (seasonal) camps and/or year-round programs in Oakbrook, Rockford, West Dundee and more…

More Illinois locations are coming soon!

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