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Power Through Basketball provides skill development opportunities for boys and girls to improve their confidence and basketball skills.  Classes available for Kindergarten through  college level players.

Please take a look at class age breakdown below:

K-2nd Grade = Jump Start

3rd-8th Grade = Rising Stars

6th-12th Grade = Scoring Classes...

(Scoring from the Wing & Scoring from the Post)


Coach Elliot Engelmann cultivates a controlled and competitive environment. PTB will prioritize focus, communication, footwork, body control, ball handling, passing, finishing around the basket and shooting throughout each course offered. Every session will bring a different, but related topic to the week before.

These courses are specifically designed to help improve players confidence and achieve results in games!

All classes will include some aspect of competition from a shooting game, races, 1 on 1, 5 on 5, etc.

Individual lessons available upon email request, but are limited.


Elliot Engelmann


  • Drop in rate for Jump Start programming, Kindergarten - 2nd grade.

    25 US dollars
  • Drop in rate for Rising Stars programming, 3rd - 5th grade.

    25 US dollars
  • Drop in rate for scoring from the wing for 6th-12th grade.

    35 US dollars
  • Drop in rate for scoring from the post for 6th-12th grade.

    35 US dollars
  • One 60 minute workout - must be scheduled 24 hours before desired time...

    1 hr

    80 US dollars